Camino de Santiago, Spain

Camino de Santiago, Spain

Hiking, mountain biking in Spain: Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago: The date given to know the path or the path that followed the pilgrims of Santiago XI century in the Middle Ages. The kings who ruled at the time were careful to establish hospitals, to build bridges, walkways, and populate the cities traveled the Camino de Santiago pilgrims.
The pilgrimage route linking the two major shrines of Christianity: Rome and Santiago.
Oviedo is of exceptional importance. In this place is venerated the relics deposited in the Arc of the House Santde Salvador Cathedral of Oviedo. Their worship is so old, maybe more, that the tomb of Santiago.

El Camino de Santiago as it passes through Asturias 3 pilgrims traveled different roads

  1. The oldest and most important way is the way of the Savior, from Leon to Oviedo.
  2. Primitive Road: from Oviedo to Santiago.
  3. Way of the coast, the coastal route along the coast of Asturias: Llanes, Nava, Pola de Siero and arrives in Oviedo.

Santiago pilgrims arrived in Oviedo to 3 different ways, in addition to other side and the Coastal Road.
At present the sections of the route are clearly marked. Pilgrims can do the Camino de Santiago by bike, on foot or even on horseback.

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