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Cudillero fishing village

Municipality of excellence in tourism. Cudillero is a coastal municipality that is located on the western coast of Asturias, Spain. It is a people with taste and maritime tradition in its colorful streets and houses with large porches and balconies overlooking the Cantabrian Sea staggered.

The fishing village is declared a Historical Site. In 1753 the port was the most important Cudillero of Asturias. The natives of the area are known as «pixuetos.»

It is located in the northwest of the Shire Vaqueira and very near the airport of Asturias, Spain.

Its privileged location due to the rugged beauty of its coastline and spectacular beaches. It has 38 miles of coastline and more than 20 beaches, nearly all natural. The council is a typical tourist area that attracts many visitors and tourists, especially during the spring and summer.

The town holds several festivals pixueta throughout the year that are pleasing to visitors and tourists. Several religious ceremonies and solemn processions through the streets during Holy Week in Cudillero.

The celebration of the Pilgrimage of Santa Ana in Cudillero match on 26 June. After the procession is accompanied by Santa and his image is venerated with great brilliance religious and devout. Pilgrims Pilgrims and Pilgrimage to Santa Ana from traditional folk songs and dances typical of the area.

The big day your party is 29 June. The festival is celebrated L’Amuravela is very popular in the Principality of Asturias. Has more than four centuries of tradition. The proclamation was told in pixueto. On June 29 we celebrate the feast of San Pedro and San Pablo. On September 8 we celebrate the Feast of the Santina de Covadonga.

The folk dance is the Perlindango Cudillero. Dance dance also Prima, the Giraldillas.

As for its monuments and buildings of interest are more important to see the Gothic Church of San Pedro or «Catedralina» Humilladero Chapel XV century, is the oldest building in the village, The Palace palace complex known as the Versailles Selgas Asturias.

There are numerous trails and promenades that are ideal to admire the beauty of the Cantabrian coast: Cape Faro Vidio lookout is located 13 kilometers Cudillero in Oviñana. Admiring its great cliffs 100 meters high, Bay of the Holy Spirit, port and fishing quarter.

As for its beaches are the beach expectaculares del Silencio, Playa del Aguilar, Artedo Shell Beach, San Pedro beach, Playa La Cueva, Ballota beach …

Is crossing route for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago de la Costa and Camino de Santiago del Norte, Spain.

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