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Asturias, Paraiso Natural in Spain

holidays Asturias
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Leisure and Tourism Guide of Asturias, Holidays

The region of Asturias is also called Tierra Astur. Natural Landscape Asturias involving part of its legends and its history. Your Cantabrian Sea, the mountains makes it a region of extraordinary beauty. Over time preserving its forests, nature, wildlife and landscape.

The characteristic climate of Asturias, the bravery of the Cantabrian Sea on the coast, its mountain valleys and green pastures make the raw material for the preparation of traditional recipes are of good quality. Seafood, artisan cheeses, vegetables and meats from the best pastures are the main raw material in the region. Asturian cuisine is very traditional meal, as before.

The most popular drink in Asturias is the Sidra. The cider is made in small family wineries, wine Cangas has terroir, milk and water, all are of excellent quality. As for your main character is the Fabada Asturias. Throughout the year are held in various corners of the gastronomic region whose main raw material for preparing the dishes are the beans.

The Principality of Asturias knows history and has much to offer in terms of culture. There are wonderful prehistoric caves, Romanesque art, museums, monuments, historic-artistic, archaeological areas of extraordinary beauty.

Holidays. Trips to Asturias. Thanks to the many environments that the region offers beaches, mountains, hills and valleys, many people enjoy the many activities you can enjoy the outdoors: trekking, walking or biking, climbing, hiking, riding, water sports like surfing, windsurfing, canoeing, sailing, fishing, golf, hunting, skiing, …



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