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party of Asturias Spain
Descenso del Sella

Festivities and Pilgrimages in Arriondas and Ribadesella, Asturias –  Spain
International Descent of the Sella, August 2013

It is the great festival of canoes. The Fiesta has been declared of International Tourist Interest. As is usual every year, is held the first Saturday in August. The race takes place between Arriondas and Ribadesella (Asturias – Spain), with a distance of 20 Kms.La party starts early hours of the morning when the trains depart to Arriondas Ribadesella Oviedo river from crowded to see the output. At eleven starts in the streets of a parade Arriondas very cheerful and fun Sellero disguised or undisguised, walking or onboard mobile devices they intend to follow the race to Ribadesella. Lots of people head to the bridge over the River Sella, where kayakers waiting impatiently.

Every year, the output starts after reading the verses that compose Dionysius of Huerta.

12:00 a.m. official release The vessels must be located an hour before the starting position in question, which is done by lottery. The participants and their boats are out of water. The blades of the participants are locked in a metal frame that will close fifteen minutes before the official release and opens in time to change traffic lights from red to green output.

The party continues as the paddlers reach the goal, Ribadesella. Thousands of people enjoy this unique event.

Source: Colin and Gillian

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